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Sinclair`s Press

Sinclair's printing press

Sinclair's Press is based in the Mallorcan town of Sóller. When I moved here, four years ago, I decided to buy a small etching press so that I could start to print my own work and teach the technique that I loved and with which I had already had considerable experience. My students found that the medium of etching opened up a new territory of expression for them.

For many artists etching is an important complement to their other work, one in which they can explore the sources of their imagery and give their ideas a new format that is the product of a quite different process. It is for this reason that I have created the Sinclair's Press Gallery which includes not only the etchings of artists but also examples of associated work.

It is my belief that in an age in which electronic reproduction is so widespread there is still a latent desire for the tangible and the beautiful. We need to hold the book, feel the quality of its pages and inspect with our eyes and hands the printed image. This website is a staging post on the way to such a direct experience.